Reliable Plaster Products For Commercial and Residential Building Projects

With our wide range of plaster products, you are sure to find what you need to complete any commercial, industrial or residential building project. Apart from contractors, Acadia Marjam’s products are also available to retailers and individuals in the Maritimes. To better help our customers, we have several offices offering quotes and local delivery services.

Platinum Lite Compound

Besides being a wholesaler, Acadia Marjam is also a manufacturer of plaster products. Platinum Lite Compound is our flagship ready-mix product and is used on projects around the world. This compound is an all-purpose, ready-to-use joint compound that is designed to embed tape and conceal board joints, cornerbeads, nail heads and accessories. It is specially formulated to be quite light, weighing up to 15% less than regular compounds. Platinum Lite can be applied using conventional hand tools or mechanical taping tools. It can be used as surface texture product and as adhering material for gypsum board in multilayer applications. It can also be applied to concrete walls.